©Francesco Merlini

The 2 year program is IRDI’s main curriculum and the only one of its kind in a swiss photography school. It is an intensive, full time, set of courses centred around the documentary image.

Students benefit from an in depth training centered on reality based projects. IRDI’s 2 year program is based around its practical courses which count for almost 70% of a student’s schedule. The 30% remaining is dedicated to technical aspects of photography, fine arts education, and the diffusion/communication of the photographer’s work.
The IRDI program is structured around its “Documentary and Reportage photography practice course” which will occupy about 50% of the student’s academic year. All other subjects are directly or indirectly linked to this course. This organisation is based around the idea that Reportage and documentary photography relies on a chore of field experiences which must be acquired early.

The students enrolled in the 2 year program have 27 hours of courses per week in addition to extra work outside of classes.