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Before applying to the Institute of Reportage and Documentary Images, you will have to carefully prepare a number of documents and files. To find out more about our 2-year program visit this page.

1. A letter of motivation in which the applicant will explain his or her reasons for wanting to join the school. This letter should be thoroughly prepared and will be important in the selection process. Foremost, this will be our way of getting to know you, your ideas and the way you want to be part of our program. This letter should not be longer than 500 words.

2. A Portfolio made up of no more or less than 25 images. Theses images must not be random images unrelated to one another. The order of the images will be important when our reviewing panel will evaluate each application.

Technical requirements for images:
25 images
format:jpg in 100% quality (no compression)
1920px on the long side
The files must be named with your first and last name and the sequence number. eg. “John.Smith.01”
The 25 files should be sent enclosed in a zip folder.

3. A Reference letter in which a person of your choice will give us an outside look on your personality and your work. Choosing a person related to the field of reportage, documentary or photojournalism photography is recommended but not mandatory. This letter should not be longer than 250 words.

4. A CV with your academic, professional and photographic achievements. A high school diploma is generally required to enter IRDI but exceptions can be made based on the strength of the overall application.